Come and See

To better understand Bright Heart Health, we wanted to share experiences from our clients, and show you examples of our services.

Ashley’s Story

Ashley struggled with an eating disorder for 7 years. The closest treatment option was 2 hours away.


  • Expert Care
  • Supportive Environment
  • Private and Safe
When you join group, you only see other people from the chest up, so I wasn’t comparing my body and seeing if I was the thinnest.Ashley

Jackie’s Story

Jackie struggled with opioid abuse from prescription painkillers. She needed a program both convenient and private.


  • Private
  • Easy
  • Empathetic Team

I knew everyone in town and they all talk. Bright Heart Health enabled me to get help without everyone knowing.Jackie

Therese’s Story

Therese struggled with bulimia. She worked with multiple therapists and read books but nothing helped.


  • Group Meetings
  • Understood her disorder
  • Made a commitment to herself
With telemedicine, the therapeutic relationship is established much quicker than in-person because clients join from the safety of their own home. Jackie Holmes, M.Ed., MFT

Meghan’s Story

Meghan was treated in-patient and residential but still struggled until she found Bright Heart.


  • Strong Team
  • Great Support
  • Helpful Peers

Changing Lives
While I would never wish an eating disorder or the trauma I’ve experienced on anyone, I am beyond grateful for the people that have been brought into my life as a result. I’m so thankful for the amazing people who make up my ‘tribe’. I’m surrounded by love. By honesty. By authenticity. I’m surrounded by people that I truly can’t imagine doing recovery without. You all are my silver lining in some very stormy skies. As hard as it is, I wouldn’t trade what I’ve gone through, because the blessings that have come as a result have made it worth it. Seven months in this program…seven months of change. Seven months of growth physically, emotionally, and mentally. Seven months of becoming the person that was hidden beneath my eating disorder and the perceived shelter it brought me. I will always have work to do—I am not sure that we ever really stop “becoming”, but I am a little closer now than I was 7 months ago. Closer to knowing that the abundant life that I want is worth every tear at the table, every pair of jeans that no longer fit, and every pound on the scale. Bright Heart Health saved my life—even if sometimes all that meant was telling me my life was worth saving. I am eternally grateful for the connections I’ve made in this program. I have never felt more important, cared about, and supported. You guys bring out the best in me and helped bring back the real Jamie. You are all so incredible at what you do. Helena for being a mama hen and making me laugh so hard I almost pee my pants, Monica for being my person and the only person I would ever consider shipping my favorite sick jeans across the country to, Lois for always being honest and real with me and fighting harder for me than anyone ever has. Patty for being one of the most genuine souls I have ever met and being able to offer me comfort through some pretty dark times, Carolyn for remaining so patient and dedicated to my own recovery even if I didn’t always seem so dedicated or patient, and Karolee for having a level of empathy that let me feel safer and more connected to you even though we didn’t work together for very long. You will all hold a special place in my heart ALWAYS. Thank you for being the best members of Team Jamie. And you guys better not forget about me…after all I am your favorite.Jamie

Experience a Group Session

Telemedicine provides an intimate and engaging format for individuals to focus on themselves. Through video conferencing, Bright Heart staff brings world-class care with individuals in their home.

World Class Team

Recognized as experts in the field, each staff member has unique specialities creating a diverse and rich perspective for clients. Specialties include: Adolescent psychology, obesity, cognitive behavioral therapy, equine therapy, addiction, sexual trauma, compulsive overeating, diabetes, and more.

Christy Waters, MD
Lois Zsarnay
Helena Rouhe
David Kan, MD
Patricia Schroeder
Kait Greenberg, RD

View the entire Bright Heart Team

The Experiential Therapies at Bright Heart Health include Meal Support, Dining at Restaurants, Grocery Shopping, Clothing Shopping, Art Therapy, and Equine Therapy. We developed these therapies to help individuals with life’s daily activities. If a person is afraid of the cereal isle in the grocery store, struggles to choose the best foods from a menu, hates clothing stores to the point they won’t step foot inside one, or struggles to understand the relationships around them, Bright Heart Health has develop real-world, applicable therapies for how one lives every day. Our therapists or nutritionist works individually with each person. Through telemedicine, we are with them each step, talking to them, and supporting them through each of these activities so they gain the control, and confidence they need to overcome these challenges.

  • Meal Support: Weekly, clients and our highly trained staff all eat together to help normalize the experience and challenge any disordered eating thoughts one may experience. Everyone eats a similar amount at each meal so that no one suffers any ill effects from the experience.
  • Dining at Restaurants: Dining at restaurants can be overwhelming. Our team helps individuals with menu choices and support so dining out is enjoyable. Our dietitian will work with them to provide a meal plan and assist them in developing dining choices and portions based on each individuals meal plan. Our dietitian or therapist will go with them to the restaurant and eat with them to ensure they have support.
  • Grocery Shopping: Our dietitian or therapist will go with individuals to the store as they walk the isles, and ensure they have support.
  • Clothing Shopping: Often a source of anxiety, shopping for clothes can be overwhelming. Our team will support them as they choose stores, clothes and develop strategies for choosing clothing.
  • Art Therapy: Learning by doing can be a great way to challenge negative thinking or emotions. Art Therapy allows individuals to express those thoughts and feelings without judgement. No one expects Picasso, just a willingness to try.
  • Equine Therapy: Horses are excellent mirrors to what is going on with us both emotionally and how we view the world. Our perspective is developed by our environment. Our response to horses in their environment allows us to understand ourselves through our responses to their behaviors. This is a unique opportunity for us to bring an outdoor activity to individuals in the comfort of their own space.