SUD Support Group

Support Group

Substance Use Disorder

The Substance Use Disorder Support Group includes support, educational tools & encouragement developed by Bright Heart staff used to help hundreds of clients.

This group will focus on the unique characteristics of addiction, including recovery, stigma, relapse prevention, and more.

Support Groups are private and registration is required.

Setting: Groups are open to adults.

Support groups are not therapy and are for the purposes of peer support.

Disclosure: By attending the support group, you understand that you are not a patient of Bright Heart Health and therefore not entitled to confidentiality or psychotherapist-patient privilege under the law. Attendees are required to respect the confidentiality of others.


Every Wednesday12pm – 2:00pm pst

Duration 120 min.

Location Online Video Conferencing


Cost Free

Phone 844.884.4474

Registration is Required!

Register Here

Support Group Guidelines

Please follow these guidelines and be respectful to all those who participate.

We expect you will be in a private location where anyone outside the group is unable to view or listen to the group conversation, information, and attendees. Please note, this policy is rigorously enforced.
We recommend you join session using headphones with a microphone. Computer speakers and microphones pick up ambient noise and may make it hard for others to hear. If you have a smartphone, the headphones work very well. If you have any questions, please let us know.
Bright Heart Health relies on strong internet service to provide clear communication. As with any internet service, disruptions may occur during the session causing video or audio interruption or pixelation. In the event the session is disrupted or connectivity is lost, please attempt to reconnect to the session immediately. Please continue to try connecting for up to 15 min. If after 15 minutes, you are not able to reconnect, please email

If the session leader is disconnected from the session, please wait for them to rejoin. This may take up to 15 minutes. If they are unable to connect, they will send you an email informing you the session is cancelled. Please do not leave the session unless you receive this email.

If you have any questions or require support, please call (844) 884-4474.

If you are experiencing a slow connection, please follow the steps outlined in here. If you continue to experience problems, please call (844) 884-4474.
If you log into a session and you wish to change your display name, please click on Participants at the bottom of the video screen. Choose Rename and you may enter a more appropriate username.